Tired of sifting through data collaboration vendors ...

... to find out your data will not be secure and get red flags from IT & InfoSec?

... to find out your data will not be secure and get red flags from IT & InfoSec?

Global CPGs and Data Providers using SecureMatch can guarantee that their data will remain secure and not leak

Key Features

Match Rate

Instantly get the Match Rate between 2 or more datasets, so you can make quick decisions with your data partner.

Deep Insights

Add filters to any datasets, and receive insights on resulting values, so you can segment your data with conviction.


Export the segmented data into a wide array of tools, so you can put
your data to use.

all of this without compromising on


The fastest results you can get on encrypted data, in the world.


Data remains encrypted at all times. At-rest, in-transit, and in-process.


Set controls on how much data can be seen in aggregated or exported view.


Have the option to approve requests, every time anyone wants to run a query.

Flexible Deployments

Our software can be deployed anywhere, whether its on cloud
or premise. We work, wherever your data resides.

Easy to Use

You can use SecureMatch in whatever interface you are comfortable with: Friendly UI, API, or CLI.

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