Limited data within environment

Your customers interact with your company for only a fraction of their time - while you have some 1st party data on them, it’s largely incomplete. Relying on only the data captured by you will not give a holistic image that you need.

Technology platforms limiting tracking

Major platform providers have introduced significant friction for the entire marketing ecosystem by eliminating functionality that allowed you to better understand your customers. This change has already impacted your spend, and it can get worse.

Consumers behavior
opting out

Your customers are becoming more privacy-conscious and are opting out of any kind of consent requests rapidly. This behavior not only makes your existing data smaller, but also makes it unreliable to take actions with.


Regulators are establishing and enforcing data privacy laws in an increasing number of jurisdictions, making it even more difficult to capture and hold on to any 3rd party data. This trend is here to stay, and marketing efforts are yielding lower returns.

Marketers & Advertisers need to expand the customer data available to them.

They need to collaborate with external data partners in a secure, compliant, and flexible way.


Connect data from multiple parties to unlock deep insights about your customers, enabling you to plan for your campaigns with conviction.


Augment your existing customer dataset with your partners’ first-party data, to enrich your segments and provide increased personalization.

Data and Model Enrichment

Expand your overall audience size by identifying additional prospects with similar characteristics, to increase the reach of your campaigns.


Enrich your first-party data by partnering with an identity provider, and bridge the identity for your customers to increase total attributes available.

Optimization and Measurement

Quantify the actual impact of your campaigns across your customer’s multi-channel journey - from campaign to transaction.

Audience Verification

Validate that your advertising dollars are generating the clicks, impressions, and return, that is being displayed to you on other dashboards.